How to get the best performance from your car


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Everyone who is interested in cars wants to get the most from their vehicle. There are many methods available for reaching this goal and we’ll outline a few below to keep your engine humming:

Use High-Quality Oil

Using high-quality oil is important to the proper running of your car’s engine. It prevents wear on bearings, distributes heat well, resists corrosion and keeps metal parts from grinding against each other. More importantly, it lubricates the pistons which allow them to slide smoothly over the cylinder walls without doing damage to either piece.

Buy New Tires

New tires make your car perform better, look better and last longer. When you purchase new tires for your car, the rubber will be softer which allows it to grip the road better. The tread may also be deeper which keeps water from seeping in between the tire and the road, keeping you safer when driving on wet roads.

Cleaning Your Engine

Cleaning your engine is important because the buildup from dirt and grime will cause friction between metal parts of your engine. This can slow down or stop any moving part in your car, which could result in a very expensive repair bill. Even if you buy a new car but neglect to clean out the old gunk from its engine, it could still cause major problems.

Check Your Oil Level Regularly

The oil level in your car should be checked regularly. Not checking the oil or not changing it will cause the oil to lose its lubricating abilities, which can cause major problems with your engine.

Checking and filling your oil is very simple, you just need to open up the cap on top of the engine compartment and look at where the oil level is. If it is below the minimum line, you should add more oil. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for the proper type of oil for your car and how often it needs to be changed.

Checking Fluids

All cars need certain fluids to keep their engines running properly. The two most important fluids in a car are the engine oil and the transmission fluid. Engine oil lubricates the car’s moving parts, allowing them to run smoothly without any friction between them. Transmission fluid keeps gears running properly so that you can select the appropriate one for different speeds. Without these fluids, your car will not last long or run well at all.

Check Your Air Intake

Air intake is important for making sure that your car engine runs smoothly. The air intake gets the fuel into your engine and mixes it with the proper amount of oxygen so that it burns efficiently. A clogged or damaged air filter will not allow enough air to flow through the system, which can create major problems like backfires and overheating.

There you have it, a list of essential tips to get the best performance from your vehicle. If you’re looking to upgrade your ride and get a reliable new one, be sure to look into car finance to make the purchase more affordable. Look for local deals in your area such as if you’re in Victoria researching a Melbourne car loan will help you get the best rate.

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