Top 7 Search Engines in the world


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Whether it’s looking for a home, finding a new job, or learning more about a tech gadget you like, we now rely heavily on search engines in our daily lives. Now available on mobile phones and many other smart devices used in the home, people easily access search engines with a few taps or voice commands to get answers to their everyday questions.

When the term “search engine” is mentioned, the name Google comes to mind Miglior motore di ricerca, mainly because it has been a dominant player in the Internet and technology industry for years. However, search engines are also operated by other entities. Want to learn more about all the top players in the search engine industry? We’ve got you covered. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 search engines in the world.

Google :

The world’s leading search engine accounts for approximately 73% of searches performed worldwide. In second place is Bing, which makes up just 7.91% of searches.

These numbers speak volumes about the mass popularity of Google and its ease of search. Even in the case of mobile search, Google is the market leader.

The ranking of pages on Google depends on a priority ranking system called PageRank. From running organic campaigns to paid advertising campaigns, Google is considered the most powerful search engine for marketers.

The tech giant is constantly working to improve its algorithm to make it more user-friendly and business-friendly and provide the best search results available on the internet. Google has also partnered with other leading tech companies like Apple, paying them billions of dollars to be their default search engine.

Bing :

Bing is well behind Google in terms of market share. However, the reason why Bing is popular among the masses is also due to certain aspects where Bing slightly surpasses Google.

For starters, Bing doesn’t have a YouTube bias when a user searches for videos. Again, Bing’s image search was reported to be better than Google’s. Finally, Bing also uses a rewards program that allows the user to collect points for their searches.

These accumulated points can later be redeemed at Microsoft and Windows Stores. As one of the best search engines, Bing was introduced by Microsoft and it is the default search engine of Microsoft computers.

Yahoo :

In terms of usability or popularity, Yahoo secures the fourth position in the ranking of the best search engines. It has a market share of 3.90 percent and is considered among the best email providers in the world.

Founded by David Filo and Jerry Yang, the web services provider was a pioneer in the early days of the Internet. Between 2011 and 2015, Yahoo was powered by Bing. After 2015, it was agreed that Yahoo search results would be used by both Bing and Google.

You may also see Yahoo as the default browser for Firefox users in the US.

Aol : is still relevant these days. It was founded 36 years ago in 1983.

Verizon communications acquired in 2015 and still has networks that are quite popular among people. Huffington Post, Engadget, and TechCrunch are some of’s popular networks. This search engine has a market share of 0.06 percent.

AOL’s popularity has declined significantly over time. Once a major player in the technology industry, it now has a very small market share. It is only because of the popularity associated with the name “AOL” that it made it to our list of the best internet search engines in the world. AOL bought Verizon Communications for billions of dollars. However, a few years later, Verizon sold it to Apollo Global Management in 2021. You can also download the AOL app to your mobile phone to use their email service, read news, and stream videos.

Baidu :

Baidu, often known as China’s counterpart to Google, is the most popular search engine in China. As Google services are limited in the country, Baidu has a significant market share. One of the key differences between the two search engines is that Google is more focused on international expansion, while Baidu is making every possible effort to improve its services primarily in the Chinese market.

Baidu also has a mobile app that is very similar to the Google Search app that we normally use on our smartphones. The Baidu search app Miglior motore di ricerca has a very easy-to-use and clean interface that ensures a user-friendly experience. However, it is specifically designed for users in China and other Chinese-speaking areas of the world.

Yandex :

According to the Alexa ranking, is one of the best search engines in Russia.

It is the largest search engine in the country and has a market share of around 65%. Yandex is a technology company that offers its users products and services powered by machine learning.

More than 53% of Internet users in Russia prefer it as one of the most popular search engines. With the help of its Cloud Storage service, it allows you to find personal files directly from the search bar of the search engine.

It is also used with advantage by Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.

Duck Duck Go :

If you are interested in more privacy, then DuckDuckGo is the search engine for you. At DuckDuckGo, you don’t have to worry about your data being stored or harvested on some random server, because this search engine completely lives up to its tagline, i.e. “Privacy, made easy”.

DuckDuckGo does not store your personal information on any server or annoys you with loads of ads. This means that if you’ve been looking for good sunglasses online, you won’t be bombarded with sunglasses ads for the next five days. The search engine has become very popular these days and has almost 30 million searches per day on its platform.

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