NetBase Quid Social Media Monitoring Analyzes Real-Time Social Media Posts to Gain Insights to a Company& Brand, Products or Services


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Social media monitoring describes the process of monitoring social media to discover and understand customer’s behavior and trends. It is a vital component of marketing, sales and customer service teams. It is about gaining insight into the general demographic, geographical or sociographic characteristics of social media users. It allows companies to gauge the health and direction of their competitors, develop a dialogue with their audience, and understand consumer sentiment.

NetBase Quid Roles

Social media marketing and the social ad ecosystem are at the heart of everything NetBase Quid does. NetBase Quid uses its platform to track over 1,500 of the world’s top social networks, providing organizations with insights into how social media channels drive direct consumer interactions. NetBase Quid collects data about social media monitoring activities and brand participation in social media is based on basic observational studies, like analyzing the number of posts, engagement and sentiment, between specific brands or individuals.

Marketing Teams

Social media monitoring is a very important part of social media and marketing teams. It is extremely beneficial for customer satisfaction, both in the case of providing information and giving content to help answer clients. The use of social media in any business is beneficial to maintaining personal brand awareness and building a relationship with a target audience. However, many businesses lack the ability to profile and analyze this social media data. NetBase Quid utilizes social media as an input in order to gain a deeper understanding of a brand, its competitors, and the environment.

Customizing Social Data

NetBase Quid customizes social data to meet a brand’s needs, capturing billions of social media interactions from more than 3,200 different social networks, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The end result is a 360-degree view of your target audience through a combination of continuous monitoring, search, and filtering that delivers value in the form of social media information, brand recognition, among others.

How does NetBase Quid work?

NetBase Quid was developed to mirror the vast majority of social media platforms – a full directory of over 600 social. In simple terms, this is gathering details about the social media posts and behavior of current and potential customers in order to detect customer behavior and detect trends. It focuses on some tools including HootSuite, Act-On, BlueToad, Heap, Lucidchart, and many more.

Marketing Automation

NetBase Quid is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) platform built for social media monitoring. With NetBase Quid you can do marketing automation for social media; search advertising campaigns; monitor traffic and click-throughs; understand your website’s conversion rate; predict how people will engage with your website; and manage your social media metrics such as sharing, engagement, referrals, etc.

Empowering Brands and Retailers

NetBase Quid was built to empower brands and retailers to harness this enormous source of insights into the current market and emerging customer behavior, ultimately empowering brands to drive ROI and customer retention. NetBase Quid also provides benchmarking to determine how brands compare in the market, illustrating success and areas for improvement.

Analyzing Emotions

Analyze and understand the various emotions customers have around your brand. Take real-time sentiment for feedback on your company’s products or services across your company’s social media sites. Analyze customer feedback by sentiment and emotion, as well as the most searched topics. People’s online behavior has been monitored for centuries, but the data available to the public is limited, and expensive to analyze. The web allows users to easily broadcast personal interests, content, and information to a large audience.

On one hand, social media can provide real-time consumers’ insights into a company’s marketing strategies, but with that information also come disgruntled consumers who have not seen value in the product or service. At the same time, social media can expose consumers to outside voices that can boost or drive positive social media conversations. This poses a unique opportunity for marketers to reach out to a niche audience, and raise brand awareness and sales.

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