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So today we have our one new topic in our article section is how to boost your internet speed so lets talk about our new topic. In our present day generation everyone have been demanding for the fast internet speed. We have so many techniques, procedures and tools to boost our internet speed at our doorstep home. We can easily boost our internet speed at our home, but some solutions can work properly, but some solutions didn’t work correctly. Some might be easy to handle, and some might be very expensive to buy and can’t handle at our home. Because some solutions or techniques might be too much technical to handle. It is true that not all techniques are working, but it is also true that some techniques work too.


Sometimes we have the biggest problem to our system is that internet provider. Some internet providers give it very fast and beneficial service but some didn’t approach to that. If our internet provider gives you a slow internet connection then anyone couldn’t do anything to boost up our internet speed. there is only and only one way to gear up your internet speed is that you can swap the internet provider. You can also use Metronet Internet service who provide great internet speed at very affordable cost. You must try there service at least once.

In our long runny present day generation we have so many internet servive providers in our highly developed metro cities but in one side it is also true that we didn’t have so many internet service providers in our small cities and remote areas and that is the reason behind that metro cities have generally work faster than the other non metro cities. So many internet service providers in our cities can provide fast and secure internet speed connections but can charge many more for that. 

If we have that heavy bulk of money in our pocket, then we can buy that fast and secure internet service provider connection at our doorstep or at our office. When we are using satellite internet at our home and find out then we can easily switch to cable or dsl. Dsl or cable we use at our home rather than satellite internet gives you more speed than that of the satellite internet.


We have one major work to do is to install the virus and malware scanners to our system for better functioning. Because when we use internet at our system then lots of major and minor virus and malware come to our system then for the protection and safety of our data and files in our system we have to install the virus and malware scanners in our system. There are lots of virus and malware scanners in our market present today which we have suitable for our system according to system requirements and our financial requirement too then we can buy and use them at our home. We have such a very good option of scanning of any document,files,images,audios,videos,softwares and many more with the help of virus and malware scanners. 

Once when we install virus and malware to our system then when we start our system it already start running in backgroung and keep cleaning and checking an eye on virus and malware. It prevent the system data and files from being corrupted from any viruses. If this virus and malware scanners find any type of malware in the system then it automatically remove that virus from our system and make our system run better and also boost up our system internet speed to higher video playing configuration wiothout any buffering.


Today when we visit any sites in our system then all sites show adds which will be automatically redirected to the virus and malware page where hackers are waiting to hack our system data and personal files to misuse of that personal content and blackmail that particular person whoom which system is being hacked. When we do online suffering in internet then this adds can be shown to us in the form of pictures,gifts and auto played videos. Almost every content in the internet today has shown the advertisemnet. 

If we don’t have to see this advertisement in our system then we have to do a simple easy steps. This advertisement media slows down our internet speed very badly so it is easy to block those adds which is very harmful to our system. we have one more option to do is to install the ad-blocking plugin in our system which can automatically block those playable adds,gifts and pictures and it will also free up some space to our system for our connection.

There are some worldwide famous adblocking plugin is adblock plus which is free to use and cheapest place to live in California it will be work in almost every web browsers. Some vpns also offer to block these adds like nordvpn,surfshark and cyberghost.

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