How to Advertise your YouTube Channel?


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“I create high good quality videos content and post it to my YouTube channel frequently. Why is it that my subscribers not growing?”

Are you frequently thinking about why you’re not receiving subscribers despite putting fantastic content on the web?

Producing high-quality content isn’t enough to get hundreds of subscribers. Being discovered by those relevant at the right moment is equally crucial. A loyal audience is the best way to earn the most through YouTube.

Here’s where advertising YouTube Channel and videos. YouTube channels and videos come to play.

Today, GoViral has compiled five essential items that should be done to improve YouTube marketing. You can also get free YouTube views with GoViral. The suggestions listed below are designed to achieve two goals: getting your channel noticed on YouTube and Google and growing your engagement rate. This is all you need to do to increase the popularity of your YouTube page. 

Let’s start immediately, shall we?


YouTube Marketing Tips on How to Advertise Your YouTube Channel


1. Make Your YouTube SEO a reality YouTube SEO

Did you not know? Similar to how you can optimize your blog posts by using SEO strategies, Your YouTube video content could be created with the SEO in your mind.

To ensure your videos get a higher rank in both search engines, adhere to these YouTube marketing methods:

Description of the Video: Find the terms in your niche with instruments like Ahrefs and, and then include them in your report and title of the video.

Video Categories: Make sure you categorize your video content so that YouTube will show them the videos when someone searches for the specific term.

YouTube Tags: YouTube allows users to add lots of tags. You can add all the relevant tags you believe your viewers are searching for.

Comments: Engage your audience members through the comments section and make sure you use your main keywords throughout the conversation.

Channel About: Your YouTube channel includes the “About” section, where you can define the content of your channel. Include the most important keywords within your content’s first couple of phrases. The ‘About’ content appears in search engines as well.

YouTube Channel Keywords: YouTube allows you to add keywords to your channel that are used later for ranking your channels so that they can meet search terms. On your channel’s homepage, you can go to Advanced Settings and add the keywords for your channel.

YouTube Videos on Google SERPs The most effective way to ensure your YouTube videos can get maximum reach is to optimize them to be indexed in search engine results. For this, follow these steps:

You can make professional videos with flexclip. Create How-To videos that are relevant to your area of expertise.

Add timestamps by using relevant keywords.

Optimize the name of your video before uploading it.

Use the description space to insert pertinent keywords

Embed the video on your blog posts

YouTube videos appear on Google search results before any blog content in many cases.


2. Engage Your Audience

If viewers are engaged in your videos, they enjoy your content. Additionally, YouTube considers audience engagement the top-ranking element to rank your videos.

Here are some methods to engage in an engaging conversation:

Comment on and off YouTube: Engage with your intended audience in both your YouTube comment section as well as outside of YouTube in the areas where your audience is the most active: social media blogs, Quora, blogs, and so on. You can also engage with other commenters on channels relevant to your field to draw attention from there.

The Top Comment Pin: Use this feature by pinning the most excellent comment or commenting on your account, like the example below. It’s a perfect way to begin conversations within the comments section.

Create a Connection With Your Most Popular Users: YouTube analytics can help you determine your most famous fans, i.e., those who are the ones who interact with your videos the most. These people are likely to become your ambassadors; therefore, make sure you maintain a positive relationship with them by giving them shout-outs and gifts.

Run Contests and Prizes: Running prizes and contests are a guaranteed method of increasing engagement. Invite your followers to participate in something such as commenting, subscribing to, tweeting you via social networks, or being a part of the contest. If the offer you are offering is attractive enough, you could convince your audience to take action that can improve your engagement. You must adhere to the guidelines of YouTube.

Live-Streaming videos: Host a Q&A session to allow interactive live interactions with your viewers. Be aware that you could earn loyal followers when your audience can watch you live instead of a pre-recorded video.

Live streaming allows live chat, which is the perfect opportunity to begin conversations.


3. Modify Your Thumbnail

Our brains are wired to recognize appealing visuals before any other text. This is a fact that is not to be ignored when implementing any YouTube marketing method. Customized thumbnails are a fantastic method to ensure that viewers choose your video over the others.

Here are some suggestions to make a striking picture for the thumbnail of the video you want to upload on YouTube: YouTube video.

The ideal YouTube Size for thumbnails is 1280 by 780 pixels

Use a lighter-colored background

If you’re adding a photograph, make sure to include the photo with a close-up

Make sure the thumbnails are clear of clutter and provide a clear image of what you have in your video.

You can follow a theme through all of your thumbnails to establish your brand’s image.

Don’t use false thumbnails. Try to be as authentic as is possible

Keep in mind that the thumbnails you have branded aren’t essential to establish your brand’s image on YouTube; however, they are also necessary on other platforms that YouTube embeds your video.


4. Create a catchy title

Following your thumbnail image, the title is the following spot the viewers’ eyes move to. The title is the deciding factor for the viewer to choose whether they’d like to watch the video or go on to the next. Remember that the entire selection process happens in just a few minutes.

Simple, straightforward, and captivating titles are easy to click.

Use these suggestions to create attractive names for your YouTube videos:

Keep your titles to 60 characters to prevent having them cut

Make sure it’s real; avoid click baits or misleading titles

Use the four ‘U’s when writing the unique and valuable title, urgent and Ultra-specific.

Use adjectives or emotive words to make an emotional connection


5. Collaboration with other channels and Brands

Do you know the most effective method to earn long-term subscribers?


Collaboration with other YouTubers who are in your area and produce content that’s appropriate for both channels. When you do this, the viewers who follow your partner’s channel will also follow yours, and the collaborator can tap into your followers. This is a win-win.

You may also collaborate with other brands you believe your target audience would like or prefer to use. This means that you’ll be able to gain access to a brand new that looks for the brand in question.

Select the best partner and then release videos at the appropriate date and time. Relevance is vital here.

Be sure to make the announcement ahead of time and advertise the collaboration on social media.

When you shoot a video for a collaborator’s channel, invite the viewers to visit your YouTube channel.

Interview influencers within your area to increase credibility for your channel and to capture the followers of the specific influencer

Collaborate with trusted websites to place the video they have on their most popular blogs.

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