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Employee Monitoring: Everything you need to know

With the advancement of usage of Technology in the workplace nowadays employees have more access to tools than ever before. Along with that with the usage of social media and mobile devices, the word privacy has taken an entirely different meaning now.

It is the truth that with the advancement of Technology, it out space the law that also applies in employee monitoring. Most multinational companies monitor their employee’s phone usage, internet, email as well as keep an eye on their time expenses on various social media platforms while other companies even log their keystroke to track their exact location and what movement they are doing. A lot of Businessman goes so far in the name of employee monitoring that may be quite staggering. This activity leads us to think as to how much employee monitoring is too much?

·         A balanced approach

Of course, every business has the right to work for their interest former but at the same time, it is the right of embryo employees to not feel spied at their workplace by monitoring suspiciously. It may possible that a large number of your employees make feel uncomfortable about the way being read so you must decide the proper monitoring system and implement it rightfully. Hence it becomes very important to adopt a balanced approach for employee monitoring that is beneficial for both employers and employees by not overstepping the boundaries of the privacy of your employee.

·         Prioritize transparency

According to the various survey, it has been found that employees are likely to understand the policies and agreed upon them if they are informed upfront so it is advisable that being an employer you should be transparent enough about the monitoring policy of your company with the hope to accomplish it properly with the employees.

·         Be compliant

Although every employer is well aware and significant about the legality of employee monitoring they should also be compliant enough. There are various laws and regulation which they are aware of and should follow properly regarding employee monitoring which includes specifically, HIPAA ( Health Insurance Portability and accountability act), ECPA (electronic Communications privacy act), RIPA ( Regulation of investigatory Powers Act), DPA (Data Protection Act).

·         Minimize the impact

The employer must reevaluate the current monitoring policy and plan further accordingly. If employees are not happy with the current monetary policy it is the duty of the employed to evaluate it and consider whether there have been less intrusive ways of monitoring your employees and achieving the same goals. The employee should ask himself that it needs to monitor all of the social media usages and internet trafficking of your employee or just a random check on every week is enough?

·         Establish a policy

If an employee thinks that it is essential to make a Buy USDT Saudi Arabia monitoring policy then after considering all the relevant information he should make a monitoring policy by considering the respective clause and consent from all your employees so that it may remain impactful without harming the privacy of your employees.

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