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Three Methods to Find TikTok Influencers

Want to find TikTok influencers to promote your brand? Perhaps you are looking to advertise your brand to Gen Z. You might also want to encourage sales using video content. No matter what your goal may be, it is important to find the right influencers in order for your brand to succeed.

What makes an influencer the right choice for your brand? Your brand’s mission and values must be aligned with theirs. This means followers must see how the influencer and your brand fit together.

However, they should have good performance metrics, too. TikTok influencers should have high engagement rates and average views per clip to prove that they are real influencers with real followers.

How do you identify TikTok influencers? And how can you analyze their performance metrics? There are three ways you can do this.

1. TikTok allows you to search directly on its platform

Although it’s not the most efficient way to find influencers through social media, it is the most cost-effective. TikTok allows you to search directly for influencers without having to pay anything extra.

First, create a list with keywords that are related to your industry and brand. These keywords can be entered into TikTok’s search box to see the content creators that use them.

Here you will find top content that is related to the keyword as well as videos and users whose names match the keyword. You can also see relevant sounds and keywords-related hashtags.

Monitoring your brand’s social media channels is another way to identify influencers. You can reach out to influencers if you see one of them leaving you a comment. You might also have TikTok influencers that are already following your brand. If they are already fans, they will likely want to work alongside you!

The downside of this method is that you will need to spend extra time reviewing influencer profiles and verifying their performance metrics. To get a better understanding of your influencers’ profiles, you will need to request their media kits and private TikTok insights. And then you’ll have to wait for them to get back to you before you can start your analysis.

So the bottom line is: you can search social media for influencers at no cost, but it takes longer than other methods.

2. Use an influencer discovery tool

An influencer discovery tool allows you to search for TikTok influencers in a more targeted way. These tools are basically search engines for influencer profiles. You can use these tools to search for influencers using their handle, keyword search, or filter your search by different profile criteria.

Additionally, influencer marketing platforms offer complete “media kits” or profile analytics for each TikTok user. This includes metrics such as the influencer’s engagement rates and average views per video.

One potential drawback is the price. To use influencer discovery tools, you must pay. The good news is that sometimes you can try them free of charge. You can test the platform before you commit to a plan. Moreover, these tools are

Another downside to the tool could be, depending on how your company operates, that it does not allow you to find and analyze influential people, but you will still need to manage your campaign internally. This means that you will need to contact influencers and negotiate with them, and then track the campaign and collect results.

Even if you aren’t an expert marketer, this is still possible. Search for resources like campaign guides, outreach tips, or an influencer contract template to help you orient yourself.

3. Hire an agency

Agencies can be a great option for TikTok influencer marketing. They will help you find and analyze influencers’ performance metrics and manage your campaigns. They’ll create a report at the end of each campaign so that you can measure success and see the results.

Additionally, agencies have networks of contacts, which is useful if you’re trying to reach a celebrity influencer or KOL (key opinion leader). These influencers are busy and often overwhelmed with emails and DMs. An agency can help you cut through the noise and get in touch.

Con? Agencies can be expensive. A campaign can cost thousands of dollars. Before you invest in an agency, make sure to check out their portfolio. Look at the campaigns they’ve launched and who they have worked with as influencers. What were the results? Did those results compare to yours?


You can search on TikTok for influencers, use an influencer discovery tool or hire an agency to find them. No matter which method you use, ensure that your brand aligns with the influencers that you select and that they have healthy performance metrics.

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