Reasons for the Popularity of Thong Bikini Bottoms


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Many women are huge fans of this minimal swimwear.  The sexy thong bikini bottoms offer the smallest amount of coverage and the benefits of wearing them are many including the ultimate sex appeal. When looking for comfort and wanting to accentuate the figure, the high-waisted thong bottoms are the go-to option.

Benefits of Wearing Thong Bikini Bottoms

Here are the top reasons why more and more women prefer to wear thong bikini bottoms during the swimming season:

Do not fall off

You probably know that feeling when you dip into the clear water only to realize you have a swimsuit malfunction. That is the horror you want to avoid at the beach when there are so many people around. The good news is a thong bikini can remove this problem. Thanks to the elastic waistband, the bikini bottoms stay in place regardless of the activity you do. 

Elongate the legs

If you choose thong bikini bottoms with a high leg cut, then this exposes more of the side of your leg leading up to the hip. This design does wonders in elongating the legs.  Both tall and short women look good in high-waisted thong bikinis. 

Provide tummy control

Good-quality thong bikini bottoms come with reliable elastic waistbands. They range from thin to thick and the seam has a varying amount of elastic sewn as well. It means you have a high-waisted bottom that will do the sucking in for you. 

Seamless bottoms do not dig in

Seamless thong bottoms are efficient in providing a flattering cut and comfort to the wearer. The swimwear becomes seamless because it was designed by tucking the seam and elastic inside two layers of a soft material. It is hidden and not visible to the eye. It will also not dig or rub into the skin. 

The excess fabric on a traditional swimwear bottom can cause the buttocks to look saggy, which can be unsightly. But, if there is less fabric and a cheekier bikini, you can avoid sagging. This makes the thong bikini look more flattering on you, as it does not have a seam that digs in and produces extra rolls or double butt. Besides looking stunning, it is extremely comfortable to wear.

They are slimming

It is said that the most slimming option for bikini bottoms is something that comes up to the belly button to hold the stomach in, a higher cut on the sides to elongate legs, and a bit of a cheeky cut to flaunt your assets on the back.

Having said that, finding the perfect pair of thong bikini bottoms comes down to personal preference and what makes you feel the sexiest and the most attractive.

Minimal tan lines

Since cheeky thong bikinis have less fabric, the wearer gets minimal tan lines. This is a great feature, as it removes the need to worry about tan lines due to a traditional cut. It also means you can buy as many thong bikini bottoms as you can for your summer look. 

A perky look for the bum

A bikini bottom that has a cheeky cut can create perkiness, as it highlights the buttocks. This is because this type of bikini bottom curves in a direction against the bum. This accentuates the natural curve and shape of the butt. While the thong bikini reduces the amount of fabric that appears droopy and sags inward, this tends to make your buttocks shine by themselves. 

Thong Bikini Bottoms for Every Body Type

The high-waisted swimwear has been dominating the bikini world for many years now. One of the reasons for this is that it looks amazing on every body type. The key is to know how to wear it for your own silhouette. So, whether you have a curvier figure, a less-than-full posterior, or shorter legs, there are thong bikini bottoms that will look perfect on you:

Check out the different body types and how the thong bikinis can flatter these silhouettes:

Hourglass. The hourglass body shape is the easiest to style with this bikini bottom trend. You have a slim waist, fuller bust, and wide hips. When wearing a bikini, try a statement bottom but do not sacrifice the details. Also, consider wearing matching sets of top and bottom, as mixing different pieces can throw your look off balance.

Slender. The thong bikini bottoms can create curves in the right places if you have a slimmer frame. For an overall look, opt for a versatile bathing suit with an adjustable top and bottom. For example, you can scrunch a triangle bikini top if you want a revealing effect on the chest. At the bottom, you can customize the tiny strings to control how high you want them to be. 

Curvy. The body-flattering thong bikini is suitable for curvy figures. It highlights your hips and thighs, showing off your body expertly. The waistband sits snugly at the center of the torso, offering a comfortable fit. When you partner it with a halter or tankini top, it would not be surprising that it becomes your favorite swimwear combo.

Athletic.This body type means you have fewer curves, as you are more straight both up and down. A sportier frame can benefit from wearing the curve-enhancing thong bikini bottoms. The reason for this is that swimwear with less coverage creates the illusion of a shapelier frame. Opt for an ultra-high cut so that the bikini bottoms give your backside and thighs the same spotlight. 

Heart-shaped. Women who have a heart-shaped figure have narrower hips and broader shoulders, which are considered top-heavy body forms. This body type is also called an inverted triangle. A heart-shaped woman can also wear a thong bikini bottom as long as it is strategically done. 

For example, choose contrasting vertical stripes at the top to help slim down your bust and lengthen your torso. At the bottom, opting for wide horizontal stripes can help balance out your bustier figure by making your hips look wider. 

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Pear.Wearing thong bikini bottoms in a pear-shaped frame is quite easy. Go for a moderate high-cut and not the one that reaches the top of your hips. This helps balance out your silhouette and elongates your legs. A high-waisted bikini bottom also slims down the waistline and complements the overall look of your body.

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