What will be the future growth of IoT in smart farming?


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Smart farming is rising in importance due to the increasing worldwide population, the rising demand for excessive crop yield, the requirement to use natural resources expertly, the increasing use and composure of information and interaction technology, and the rising requirement for climate-smart agriculture under IoT solutions.

Smart farming is a management concept that gives the agricultural industry the framework to grasp advanced applications – containing extensive information, the cloud, and the internet of things (IoT) – for following, observing, self-operating, and examining actions under IoT solutions. 


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Future growth of IoT in Smart farming:

  • As per the UN Food and Agriculture firm, with the rapid rise of the world population, the world will require to manufacture 70% more food in 2050, diminishing agricultural lands and consumption of limited natural resources. The requirement to increase farm yield has become evaluative under IoT solutions. 
  • Restricted accessibility of natural resources such as fresh water and farmable land, along with declining yield modes in several commodity crops, have further complicated the issue under IoT solutions. 
  • Another immediate concern over the farming industry is the transferring structure of the agricultural workforce. Moreover, agricultural labor in most countries has decreased under IoT solutions. As a result of the decreasing agricultural force, the assumption of internet connectivity solutions in farming practices has been activated to drop the requirement for manual workers.
  • IoT solutions are concentrated on assisting farmers in blocking the supply-demand space by ensuring high profits, profitability, and protection of nature. 
  • The perspective of using IoT technology to assure optimum application of resources to acquire high crop profits and decrease operational charges is called precision farming under IoT solutions. IoT in agriculture technologies contains specific appliances, wireless networks, software, and IT benefits.
  • Smart farming established on IoT applications allows cultivators and farmers to decrease excess and increase production ranging from the quantity of fertilizer used to the number of journeys. The farm vehicles have made and authorized efficient consumption of resources such as water, electricity, etc., under IoT solutions. 
  • IoT Smart farming solutions is a system created for observing the crop field with the support of sensors and motorizing the fertilization system under IoT solutions. The farmers can watch the field conditions from any place. 

Based on this data, they can also select manual and automated options for taking necessary actions. For example, if the soil moisture level reduces, farmers can locate sensors to start the fertilization. Smart farming is highly systematic when compared with the conventional viewpoint.

IoT has the potential to convert agriculture in many directions, and these are the following.

Data collected by Smart agriculture sensors

The ability to foresee production output allows planning for better product distribution. This information is used to track the state of the business, staff performance, and equipment efficiency under IoT solutions. In this approach to farm management, key components are sensors, control systems, robotics, autonomous vehicles, automated hardware, variable rate technology, motion detectors, button camera, and wearable gadgets.

Agricultural Drones

Agriculture is one of the significant verticals to incorporate ground-located and aerial drones for crop health evaluation, fertilization, crop observing, crop spraying, cultivating, soil and field inspection, and other domains under IoT solutions.

Livestock tracking

Farm holders can utilize wireless IoT applications to collect data regarding their cattle’s location, well-being, and health. This data helps prevent the spread of illness and decreases labor costs.

Smart Greenhouses

Traditional greenhouses handle the environmental parameters through manual interruption or a proportional control device, which often affects production loss and energy loss, and enhance labor cost under IoT solutions. 

IoT-driven Smart greenhouses can intelligently monitor and check the climate, eliminating the requirement for the manual interruption. Various sensors are placed on computing the environmental parameters according to the crop’s specific needs under IoT solutions. The information is stored in a cloud-based platform for further processing and handled with minimal manual interruption.

Predictive analytics 

For smart farming, Crop predication plays a crucial role; it helps the farmer decide on a plan respecting the production of the crop, its storage, marketing technology, and risk management. 

The farmers can get accurate soil data through the dashboard or a customized mobile application. This information includes soil, temperature, pressure, rainfall, and humidity parameters under IoT solutions.

Farmers have realized that IoT is a driving force for increasing agricultural production cost-effectively.


IoT-enabled agriculture has helped implement modern technological solutions to time-tested knowledge. It has helped bridge the gap between production, quality, and quantity yield under Smart farming. Data ingested by obtaining and importing information from the multiple sensors for real-time use or storage in a database ensures swift action and minor crop damage under IoT solutions. With seamless end-to-end intelligent operations and improved business process execution, produce gets processed faster and reaches supermarkets in the quickest time possible under Smart farming.

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